Let me warn you right now - Scott is a Gear NUT! If you get him started talking about guitars and other musical equipment, you're in for a long conversation. He has spent years finding and acquiring the perfect guitars for NO1U Know's performances. Scott currently plays three guitars: A Martin 000-18GE Custom and Emerald X20 & X7 Custom Woody carbon fiber guitars.

Emerald X20 Custom Woody: This is a guitar custom built by Emerald, a company located in Donegal, Ireland. It is a carbon fiber guitar. Carbon Fiber is an excellent material for its ability to stand up to the harsh environment of gigging and nature that make an all-wood guitar blush. Carbon fiber guitars are nearly impervious to conditions like cold, heat, too-humid or too-dry air, not to mention the bumps and dings that can occur on a crowded stage. This guitar was custom built to Scott's specifications and includes a short 24.6" scale, custom soft V neck carve, 1 3/4" nut width and 2 1/4" string spacing. It has a K&K pickup system. Another custom feature is the beautiful cocobolo veneer top with amber back and sides color. It's as beautiful as it is functional. The X20 is Scott's primary axe of choice for public performance. Scott generally uses John Pearse #710NM Phosphor Bronze New Medium strings tuned down a half step. You can see and read more about this guitar in a review Scott posted on the Acoustic Guitar Forum, direct link here: Emerald X20 Custom Woody review

Emerald X7 Custom Woody: Scott had such success with the X20 that he decided to have another custom woody built by his favorite carbon fiber guitar builder in County Donegal, Ireland! The X7 is the 'little sister' of the X20. A new model of the X7 line was unveiled in May of 2018 and it incorporated several changes to the old X7 that Scott found attractive. The body style was changed to more closely mirror the X20 body but in a smaller size. Where the X20 is similar in size to an OM body the X7 is closer to a 00 12-fret body. It has the same offset soundhole and body comfort contours as the X20. It incorporates a newly designed rear cutaway that facilitates much easier access to the upper frets. Designed initially as a travel guitar, the new X7 is a generally small guitar that is perfect for travel or any intimate guitar playing situation while at the same time having enough full-body guitar tone and features to be used as a gig-worthy guitar. For this build Scott had Emerald incorporate a few custom features once again to make the guitar his own. First, he had a custom neck scale length of 24.6" vs. the stock 24.0". He also had a custom soft V neck carve done. A second request was a custom pinless bridge with a custom centered point shape and exposed carbon fiber. He once again had his favorite K&K Pure Mini pickup system installed as he planned to use this as a gigging guitar. For the overall finish he had the back and sides done with his preferred Amber color tint and selected a highly figured Ziricote wood veneer with an extremely interesting and beautiful center sapwood. The overall finished product is stunning in appearance while still be functional with great tone and playability. It is fast becoming another go-to guitar for gig performance. This guitar also gets John Pease #710NM Phosphor Bronze New Medium strings tuned to standard. You can read more about how this guitar came to be in his review on the Acoustic Guitar Forum, direct link here: Emerald X7 Custom Woody review

Martin 000-18GE Custom: This custom Martin is a triple 0 or OM (Orchestra Model) body size Martin guitar with Grade 8 (REALLY nice) Adirondack spruce top and mahogany back and sides with GE (Golden Era) bracing. It has a gorgeous Martin Ambertone finish, slotted headstock with 'torch' inlay, ebony fretboard and bridge, 24.9" short scale, modified V neck carve, 1 3/4" nut and 2. 5/16" string spacing which is great for the fingerstyle playing Scott prefers. It has a K&K pickup system. It is extremely lightly built and lightweight and therefore very resonant with a classic Martin dry, woody mahogany tone which is highly sought after by singer/songwriters. This is Scott's axe of choice for unplugged performances but it does make the occasional appearance out in public. Scott generally uses D'Addario EXP16 Phosphor Bronze Coated Light strings, tuned down a half step. You can see and read more about this guitar in a review Scott posted on the Acoustic Guitar Forum, direct link here:  Martin 000-18GE Custom review

​A word of warning about the Acoustic Guitar Forum: The Acoustic Guitar Forum - or, AGF, as we call it, is an excellent place for acoustic guitar enthusiasts to share their love of all things acoustic guitar. Scott is a prolific poster and reviewer there but be warned - he will not be held responsible for your sudden lack of attention to other aspects of your life or need to start acquiring musical equipment, a condition known as GAS or Gear Acquisition Syndrome. I'm not kidding. Assuming you accept these risks you can see a post that summarizes the many guitar and guitar related equipment reviews by Scott, direct link here: Methos1979's All-things Guitar Review thread​​

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NO1U Know prides itself in not only providing a great selection of music performed well but also music performed in a manner that fits the venues they play. We believe that people want to hear great music while still being able to hear themselves and each other's conversations whether it's over brunch, dinner or just sitting in the club or out on the deck enjoying a favorite beverage with friends and family. As such they not only work hard at their performance but they work equally hard to procure and utilize only the best musical equipment.

A great guitar is only as good as the sound amplification equipment used to get the music out to the people. NO1U Know uses high quality, professional equipment to ensure the very best in sound reproduction for their shows. Below is a summary of the current equipment they use for most gigs. Clicking on the red colored links for each piece of gear will take you to an individual review of each item on the Acoustic Guitar Forum website which contains much greater detail, photos and videos. 

Guitar signal path: Emerald X20 (or Martin 000-18GE) guitar with K&K pickup > Ernie Ball VP Jr. volume pedal > Neunaber Wet Reverb pedal > Boss VE-8 Acoustic Singer pedal. 

Vocals signal path: Donna's mic (along with Scott's guitar) goes into the Boss VE-8, out to Bose S1 channel 1, ToneMatch set to off. Scott's mic goes direct into the Bose S1 channel 2, ToneMatch set to Mic. 

PA: Bose S1 Pro and/or  QSC k8.2 

Pedals & Effects:  Boss VE-8 Acoustic Singer,  and  Neunaber Web Reverb