Video demo, live - Sister Golden Hair, cover, America



(Note: NO1U Know is taking a brief hiatus from regular performing in the winter and early spring of 2020 to work on original music. They continue to play elderly and assisted living facility shows which are not published as they are for residents and their families. They are booking summer and fall shows for 2020.)


Photo: Becca Rose Photography

An Acoustic Duo

Photo: Nevin Brown Photography


A B O U T   U S

S O C I A L   M E D I A

Photo: Nevin Brown Photography

30 second audio clips of 12 songs with slideshow

Scott started his musical life as a drummer and percussionist, playing throughout his school years in the high school marching and concert bands. After graduation and serving in the U.S. Navy he settled in the New Hampshire seacoast and played in various garage bands with friends. Always a fan of the guitar he crossed over and played with a power trio called The F.B.I. and an acoustic duo called Acoustic Rose before starting his latest project, NO1U Know with his wife, Donna.

Scott plays both rhythm and fingerstyle guitar on Emerald, Martin and Cole Clark guitars using Blue Chip picks and the Bose S1 Pro system. His influences are the likes of Ed Gerhard, Harry Chapin, and Tuck Andress. 

Donna’s love for all things music began at a very early age. Growing up in a family of talented singers she was encouraged to express herself vocally. Having an extensive vocal range allowed her many opportunities to participate in choirs, choruses and individually. Donna also discovered she had a gift for dance. Studying all forms of dance eventually allowed her to teach. She has choreographed many award winning pieces which have been performed on the local, state and national level.

Donna loves performing in NO1U Know with her husband, Scott. She is excited to see where this next adventure takes her in life. Her influences are the likes of Sarah McLachlan, Anna Nalick and Amy Lee of Evanescance.

NO1U Know is an acoustic guitar & vocal duo that hails from the beautiful Seacoast region of New Hampshire. They perform a wide variety of acoustic covers spanning several decades that include the hits of yesterday and today along with those long forgotten gems from the past that take you back in time. They also include original content.

Scott & Donna embrace a fun, laid-back vibe that entertains, not overpowers, a venue. They specialize in settings where people can listen to live music while still enjoying a conversation with their friends and table-mates. Brunches, receptions, dinners, art shows, farmers markets and wine-tastings are common places where they perform. They also perform for elder care and assisted living centers.

For booking email:, call or text 603-534-0992